Introducing PhylMeme: meme to win $500


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our meme competition, PhylMeme. We’ll be giving away $500 (USD) worth of SPICE and DROP tokens to the winners of PhylMeme. We’re doing this to promote SimpleLedger tokens and Cryptophyl to new users and to increase community engagement, primarily on Telegram. We’ve selected a best in class panel of five judges to choose the winners.


Memes submitted to PhylMeme must be images, videos or GIFFs strictly related to Cryptophyl, or any of the tokens listed on Cryptophyl: SPICE, DROP, TOBA, SAI and USDH. Memes must be high in quality, tasteful and not feature offensive or illegal content. Submissions will be judged by a panel of 5 judges based on effort, originality and humour. The winning submissions among others will be used to make a new Cryptophyl Telegram sticker pack in the future.


PhylMeme submissions close at 23:00 UTC on Friday the 14th of February. We’ll be announcing three winning submissions the following day at 12:00 UTC on the 15th of February. The prizes will be allocated as follows:

First Place: $300 worth of SPICE and DROP
Second Place: $125 worth of SPICE and DROP
Third Place: $75 worth of SPICE and DROP

All amounts are USD and token prize amounts are calculated at time of payment using Cryptophyl rates. SPICE and DROP will be split in even proportions. Prizes will be deposited into your Cryptophyl account.


Submissions will be evaluated by five judges against the criteria provided using a ten-point scale. The judges have been selected based on their experience within the SLP and crypto Telegram communities.

From Team Cryptophyl:

Samuel Muir: Sam is the Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Design at Cryptophyl. He’s the mind behind the name, brand and most importantly, can tell good design from bad. He’s responsible for all the art, images and typography you’ve seen come out of Cryptophyl. He knows nothing about crypto, but that’s probably for the best.

Semyon Germanovich: Semyon is the CEO of Cryptophyl, having founded what became to be Cryptophyl back in March 2018 . Semyon has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2013: as an early adopter of Bitcoin, he sees value in fundamentals: community, technology and utility. He’s been responsible for growth, marketing and community engagement since then. Like a lot of people, he’s not comfortable writing about himself in the third person.

From the community:

Collin Enstad: Collin has a live crypto show where he tries to make sense of what smart people in the space are doing. He’s the creator of many sticker packs on Telegram and has mastered the art of finding Telegram stickers via emoji, as his sticker pack list is to long for scrolling. All-in-all, he classes himself as the sh*tposter of peer-to-peer cash, because everyone loves a clown, right?

J Fresco: Certified rapper. J reps Telegram and calls it things like the hive mind and the borg. While J came to Telegram to learn about crypto, he stayed for its special borderless culture. J believes the vibe of crypto’s online culture is maturing in a positive way and scaling alongside projects such as Cryptophyl. Find him in the TG group @TheKingdumb and listen to his “TG RAPS” @Tmwaso.

Soupernerd: ‘Soup’ is part of the founding team of SPICE token and creator of /r/btc, the infamous subreddit. He’s a billionaire (Satoshis) and works as a part time janitor at the 3rd largest Burger King in the Tri-state area.

Entry requirements

We have set out the following entry requirements to ensure quality submissions:

  • Maximum of three submissions per contestant
  • All contestants must have a phone verified account on Cryptophyl (if you don’t have one, you can sign up here
  • Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]
  • Submissions should be emailed from the email associated with your Cryptophyl account
  • Video submissions should be hosted on YouTube
  • Submissions must be image files or a YouTube URL for a video submission

Good luck.

Any questions? Send us a message in our Telegram group or an email to [email protected]

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