Announcing the Spice Airdrop

What is an Airdrop?

An Airdrop is a (free) distribution of tokens to Cryptophyl exchange users.

Cryptophyl will release five million (5M) Spice once the minimum capital threshold has been met.

What is the minimum capital threshold?

Capital is the total value of cryptocurrencies Cryptophyl users have on their account balances expressed in terms of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It’s a sum of all user account balances. This includes all supported tokens and coins, currently being Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Spice (SPICE).

The minimum capital threshold (MCT) is the minimum value of capital required for an airdrop to occur.

When will it happen?

The airdrop will happen on Wednesday the 7th of August at 09:00 GMT. The landing page for the airdrop will go live exactly 96 hours before, on Saturday the 2nd August at 09:00 GMT. We’ll send out an email to all Cryptophyl users and updates will be posted in our Telegram community (link in the footer).

How do I participate?

To participate, you must have Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Spice (SPICE) in your Cryptophyl account. This includes available coins and those locked up in open orders.

If the minimum capital threshold (MCT) has been met, a snapshot will be made on Wednesday the 7th of August at 09:00 GMT. Subsequently, Spice will be credited to airdrop participants.

How much Spice will I receive?

The allocated spice is calculated in three steps:

  1. Your cryptocurrency balances are calculated in terms of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  2. A ratio of your balance relative to the total platform balances (capital) is computed

  3. The airdrop amount is multiplied by this ratio

The resultant value is the Spice you can expect to receive.

For example:

Alice has 2 BCH worth of cryptocurrency on her Cryptophyl account. At the time of the snapshot, the total value of all cryptocurrencies held on Cryptophyl (capital) is 100 BCH. The resultant ratio we calculate for Alice is 0.02 (2%). Multiplying 0.02 by 5 million (total airdrop amount) gives 100,000 Spice.

Why should I care about Spice?

Spice is an appreciation token that integrates and ranks social network content. Share it Hard with people who brighten your day. Spice is one of the fastest growing and most used tokens built on Bitcoin Cash.

We’re excited to have listed Spice as the first token on Crytophyl and to continue working with the Spice team to drive this project to mass adoption.

Any questions? Send us a message in our Telegram group or an email to [email protected]

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