Announcing SAI Listing and airdrop


Cryptophyl will be listing SAI on the 3rd December 2019. SAI is the native utility token of, a fast coin swap service. SAI is used to support the product and is available on a variety of blockchains including Ethereum (ERC20) and Liquid.


As part of the listing, we’ll be airdropping 50,000 SAI tokens to holders of Cryptophyl’s native exchange token DROP. As usual, holding DROP on Cryptophyl and in your own wallet will make you eligible to receive token airdrops.

  • The SAI-BCH market will go live at 09:00 UTC 3rd December
  • 50,000 SAI tokens will be airdropped at 10:00 UTC 3rd December

Learn more about DROP

SAI Token

SAI has several use cases which give it utility. The primary use case is to reward loyalty and complement’s coin swap service. Current and future use cases include:

  • Paying affiliate rewards using SAI
  • Trade driven release of SAI, where takers of exchange orders are rewarded with SAI
  • Rebates when using SAI to pay fees
  • Discounts when paying with SAI at merchant checkout

SAI’s price is decided by the market.

Token information

  • 210 million SAI tokens have been minted and no more will be minted
  • Affiliate rewards are paid using SAI (currently 50% of SideShift AI’s revenue)
  • The SAI token is stored on ERC20, SLP, and Blockstream Liquid at the same time

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